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Thursday, October 9, 2008

German Jews are Germans

In her book “Jews in Germany after the Holocaust” (1997) [1], Lynn Rapaport indifferently uses the words “Germans” or “Non-Jews” to refer to German gentiles. Next to them are the “Jews in Germany”.

According to her: “the central theme around which community life is organized can be summarized as an edict like 'one shall keep one’s distance from the Germans'.” (p.4)

50 years after the holocaust , it seems that Mrs. Rapaport still ignores that Jewish is not a nationality in modern Germany. Jews holding the German nationality are equally “German”, aren’t they? Claiming the opposite would simply be anti-Semitic.

I would be interested to know whether Mrs. Rapaport would refer to Jewish Nobel laureate Fritz Haber [2], a very patriotic German indeed, as “German” or as “Jew”. He was simply both.

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